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We hope you take a shine to our website – we’ve tried making it as clear and accessible as possible. To find our accessibility options click the [description] icon at the top of the website.

Changing the language

Click the red box labelled ‘Choose language’ and select the language you want. If you can’t you’re your language, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Changing the contrast

Click the box above ‘high’ to change the contrast. To change it back to normal, click the box above ‘default’.

Changing the contrast

Click the pink box with the – symbol above ‘down’ to make the text smaller. Or click the pink box with the + symbol to make the text larger. To restore the text to its original size, click the grey box with the O symbol.

Using a screen reader

If you have a visual impairment, you can use a screen reader to ‘read’ the text on screen out loud.

There are several screen readers to choose from, and lots of them are free of charge.

If you are viewing this website on a Windows desktop computer, we recommend using Microsoft Narrator. You can find this by clicking the ‘Windows’ key, scrolling down to the ‘Windows Ease of Access’ folder, and clicking Narrator.

If you use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can download Chromevox, which works on both Windows and Mac computers.

If you use an Apple iPhone, iMac or iPad, search for ‘Voiceover’ in your settings to activate it.

Erase your tracks online

Click the ‘Exit Site’ button above to leave our site quickly at any time, or click the button below to learn how to increase your safety when visiting our site or contacting our team.